Mobile Phone Surveillance Discussion

In all likelihood the Most Popular Do It Yourself Private Investigator Strategy is Cell Spy

SpyMobi Advice and Technical Review

In short, you install spy software on a targeted phone or computer and then through a web based account monitored activity is made available. You can get powerful software applications at remarkable bargains due to the fact it is a popular and competitive niche market. However all products and sellers aren’t the same.

  • Tools for DIY Private Investigators

  • Mobile Spy Monitoring Software

    • GPS Tracking
    • Text Message Monitoring
    • Call Logs
    • Photo and Video Monitoring
    • SMS Command Remote Control
    • SIM Change Notification
    • Remote Phone Wipe
    • App Blocking and Social Media Monitor
    • LIVE Control Panel (Add-on)
    • Android, BlackBerry, iPhone,
      Symbian, Windows

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  • MobiStealth Monitoring Software

    • Location Tracking
    • Call Recording
    • Spy Call Microphone Control
    • Text Message Monitoring
    • Call Logs & Contact Details
    • Photo & Video Monitoring
    • Web History
    • SIM Change Notification
    • Remote Phone Wipe
    • Android, BlackBerry, iPhone,
      Symbian, Windows

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  • PhoneSheriff Monitoring Software

    • GPS Location
    • Call & SMS Filtering
    • App & Web Filtering
    • Time Restrictions
    • Text Message Monitoring
    • Image Monitoring
    • Call Logs
    • SMS Command Remote Control
    • SIM Change Notification
    • Android, BlackBerry, iPhone,
      Symbian, Windows

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  • FlexiSpy Monitoring Software

    • Intercept Call - Live Phone Tap
    • Spy Call - Hear Surroundings
    • Cell Phone GPS Tracking
    • Intercept SMS Messages
    • Capture Email
    • Call Logs
    • Address Book
    • Remote Control Settings
    • SIM Change Notification
    • Android, BlackBerry, iPhone,
      Symbian, Windows

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How to Spy?

Discover the best method to How To Spy Cell Phones including How To Mobile Tracking; How To Listen Phone Calls; and How To Intercept Text Messages. Please read on and follow hyperlinks to more information found on our website, or go to endorsed supplier websites to order directly from the application developers.

  • Highly Recommended for monitoring & tracking and web activity logging; plus parental controls is PhoneSheriff.
  • Ideal for monitoring, tracking, web activity and voice recording & eavesdropping is MobiStealth.
  • Proposed for monitoring & tracking and web activity logging; and notable for bonus of using single license on multiple phones – ideal for families and small businesses is Mobile Spy.
  • For Live Phone Tap capabilities is FlexiSpy .

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Get the Facts about Smartphone Surveillance Products Before Making Your Decision

Comprehending all of the technological terminology and navigating around the various sites is a frustrating job. We have compiled a comparison and recommendation of what we feel are appropriate solutions. We have reviewed the marketplace in order to save you a lot of time in deciding on the most effective solution for your needs. SpyMobi Phone Monitoring Comparison 1) ranks the choices and sellers, 2) offers a list of the functionality they offer, and 3) explains it. Learn information on: Cell Phone Tracker Position, Look at SMS Text messages & E-mail, Call Logs, MMS Multi-media Pictures & Video, Web pages Frequented, Eavesdrop & Record Calls and more.

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Mobile Spy Cellphone Tracking and Monitoring

Mobile Spy stands out as the number one vendor of “Spy Phone” software. Mobile Spy also sells a package for the Apple iPad and Android tablets, Peek Tab for iPad and Tablets.

If you would like spy, buy Mobile Spy. Perfect for Family Protection, Companies and Do it Yourself Private Investigation.


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Mobile Spy Features


  • On line Account
  • Read Text Messages
  • Cell Phone GPS Tracking
  • Examine Call Logs
  • Take a look at All URL website addresses visited
  • Records all inbound and outbound email activity from the primary email account.
  • Inspect Multi-Media Images *
  • Optionally available LIVE monitoring includes the capability to view the display screen of the device, refreshed every 90 seconds; remote control of mobile phone; send discreet SMS commands for GPS Locate, SIM info, Wipe Data, Lock plus more.
  • Stealth Tracking and Monitoring

* Some functionality such as Multi-media may not be supported by all devices

Mobile Spy Compatible Phones

The software program is totally stealth and works independently. Mobile Spy doesn’t use the phone’s call and message logs to capture activities. So even if the user attempts to erase their tracks, the data will still be maintained and uploaded. Works with many models of iPhone, BlackBerry or Android phones! Also works with Windows Mobile, Symbian OS and iPad.

Mobile Spy Reporting and Logging

Mobile Spy can monitor and track their mobile usage from a web account. View the contents of all SMS texts. Review the details of each call and track location from anywhere… and Much More

The cell phone spy application downloads straight to your cellphone utilizing the phone’s web connection – either data plan or wifi. Gathered information is looked at from a private online account.

Trace Cell Phone Records

A wide variety of phone ‘event’ info is available for review. Records are accessed from a private net account.

Log Viewers – Each type of recording is kept in a separate log area for your convenience. All log viewer pages work the same. You can sort results. You’re able to do a global search of logs in your account for any exact contact number.

Mobile Spy Location Tracking

Track Cellphone Location

For GPS Cell Phone Tracking to track cell phones the Mobile Spy software records mobile phone GPS location and uploads it to an account for review. Cell Phone Locator will use CellID (cell tower info) to Track Mobile Phone Location when GPS is not available. Many mobile monitoring software used for Cell Phone Tracking work with Google Maps to display info. Not for navigation, but instead it presents near real-time or historical Smartphone Location Tracking.

Mobile Spy Security

The SIM-change-notification tool, notifies you when somebody changes the info on the phone’s SIM card or trades it for another one. The program continues to monitor communications and location even if the SIM card happens to be removed. Because you can track the phone and remote wipe data means that Mobile Spy makes a great theft protection product.

[/toggle][toggle title="Help and Support"]

Mobile Spy Customer Support & Documentation

Mobile Spy is really user friendly, and it furthermore has a substantial and readily available help section. The user guides give detailed guidelines on the way to deploy the program on virtually any smart phone. The FAQ section includes answers to any question you might have regarding this product. Mobile Spy is supported by 24-hour tech support and will typically reply to emails in a few hours. Mobile Spy was developed by Retina-X Studios that has A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau; purchase with full confidence.

[/toggle][toggle title="Price Tag"]

Mobile Spy Value

Rate for a quarterly subscription is $49.97, semi-annual $69.97, and annual subscription is a good deal at $99.97, plus a little more for the LIVE Access Option at $129.97 per year. As a bonus, for an annual subscription they also include a license for SniperSpy Computer Monitoring Software – making this an outstanding bargain indeed.

[/toggle][toggle title="SpyMobi Analysis Summary "]

Mobile Spy SpyMobi Evaluation Summary

It’s hard to find cell phone monitoring software with all the features you need or want, but Mobile Spy is a good investment for the protection of your kids or workers. With its logging features, tracking tools and range of smartphone compatibility, we recommend Mobile Spy for home and office users.


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PhoneSheriff Parental Monitoring and Control Software for Phones

Worried by how they are using their phone? PhoneSheriff enables you to monitor activity online and prohibit telephone numbers and sites. It monitors communication and tracks location.

The family choice, PhoneSheriff is also a good solution for small companies. Ideal for Family Protection, Employers and Do it Yourself Private Investigation with an Added Bonus of Parental Control.


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PhoneSheriff Features


  • Mobile Locator
  • Block Incoming/Outgoing Calls
  • View Text Messages
  • See Call Logs
  • Examine Photos & Video
  • Capture Email
  • Website Visit History
  • Assign Time Restrictions
  • Internet Filtering
  • Remote Control
  • Remote Wipe
  • Remote Lock
  • And More!
  • Online Account Access
  • Stealth Monitoring

PhoneSheriff Compatibility

PhoneSheriff works with most BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Symbian Phone models.Please make sure you review the PhoneSheriff website to confirm the current status for [posttitle] and compatibility with your desired target mobile phone operating system (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, or Symbian).

PhoneSheriff Reports, Position Tracking and Security

Once you deploy the password-protected software, it discreetly blocks the activities you designate while posting logs of every action people do with the mobile phone. Logs are accessible from everywhere using your protected internet control panel. Keep track of Calls, SMS, Track GPS Location, Filter Phone Numbers and Websites, and more.

In addition to the extensive set of reporting and logging features, PhoneSheriff also offers some useful blocking tools. You can block websites on iPhones, as well as applications and phone numbers for all other compatible phones. You can also setup time blocks for phone use.

PhoneSheriff also features a keyword-alert tool. Because teens send and receive about one hundred text messages per day, you may not have the time or patience to read all of the messages every day. With keyword alerts, you can have PhoneSheriff send you an email whenever your child sends or receives a message containing particular keywords.

GPS tracking is popular among mobile phone spy software. GPS and cell ID location tracking can help you find out if your children or employees are lying to you about where they really are. It is also extremely helpful in locating a lost or stolen phone, especially since PhoneSheriff automatically updates the GPS location maps every 30 minutes. Cell ID location tracking uses the radio waves emitted from the phone and nearby cell phone towers to determine the phone’s location. Though this method is not as precise as GPS tracking, it will still provide an idea of where your child or employee might be.

PhoneSheriff includes security features that are very useful if the phone is lost or stolen:

SIM Change Notification: You will receive an alert whenever the user makes a change to or removes the phone’s subscriber identity module (SIM) card. Additionally, you have access to the information on any SIM card inserted into the phone.

Phone Wipe: for Android and BlackBerry phones. The phone-wipe tool is useful if the phone goes missing, especially if it contains sensitive information. Using your online PhoneSheriff account, you can delete all data on the missing phone.

Remote Lock: Using an SMS command, you can lock or unlock the phone. You can use this helpful feature to stop the phone user from viewing inappropriate content immediately. It is also a great help if the phone goes missing. If the phone is locked, only you can unlock it from your online account.

[/toggle][toggle title="Support"]

PhoneSheriff Support

You can easily find contact information or search the online knowledgebase to find answers should you have any questions or concerns while installing or when using PhoneSheriff; they also offer prompt phone and email support. PhoneSheriff’s support page offers links to helpful resources, including a comprehensive user guide and FAQs. The FAQs section features questions asked by real PhoneSheriff users, so they have probably already answered most common questions.

It includes free software updates. This is especially useful considering how often cell phone technology changes and evolves. Free and automatic updates keep your phone monitoring software current. PhoneSheriff is made by Retina-X Studios that has A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau; buy with full confidence.

PhoneSheriff [/toggle][toggle title="Prices"]

PhoneSheriff Licensing

Packed with functions, it is sold at very affordable prices only $49.97 for a one full year subscription.

Unbeatable Value

[/toggle][toggle title="SpyMobi Examination Summary "]

PhoneSheriff SpyMobi Recommendation Summary

PhoneSheriff is loaded with important features. It is easy to use, affordable and secure. Primarily designed for parents who are worried about their children’s cell phone use, it is also a very good tool for small business.


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MobiStealth Mobile Phone Monitoring and Tracking

Spy Call Eavesdropping and Voice Recording

Want to take spying to the next level, MobiStealth takes you there. Ideal for Families, Small Business and Do it Yourself Investigations with an Added Bonus of Spy Call Eavesdropping and Voice Recording.


[clear] [toggle title="Features & Compatible Phones "]

MobiStealth Features & Phone Compatibility


  • Cell Phone Tap Calls
  • Eavesdrop Voices in Phone Surroundings
  • Track Location
  • Look at SMS Messages
  • Evaluate Call History and Contacts
  • and significantly more…
  • Stealthy

MobiStealth Compatibility

MobiStealth works withiPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Nokia/Symbian. Make sure you be aware of the fact that not all features are possible with all types of cell phone operating system, please see the MobiStealth web-site for the latest specifics.

MobiStealth Logging and Reporting

Parental Monitoring

If you’re a nervous parent or guardian and would like to keep an eye on pursuits of your children on mobile phones to be able to shield them from Sexting, Online Predators, Cyber Bullying and other dangers then MobiStealth Parental Control Software is perfect for you.

Do it Yourself Investigator

If you suspect your spouse may be unfaithful, want to determine whether he/she is being truthful or has a need to find out information on the affair then MobiStealth Spy Software for Phones is an ideal answer for you.

Staff Employee Monitoring

If you might be a manager and want to enforce company policies on company owned smartphones or wish to keep track of actual destinations of your service personnnel then MobiStealth is ideal for you.

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Voice Call Recording

Android Spy software enables you to record each and every call made from/to specific numbers. The recorded calls can be uploaded to your Stealth Club account, which can be heard at any time.

Call History Log

Discover the specifics of incoming and outgoing calls. You can reveal when and who (based on the name stored in the mobile phones address book) is being called.

Spy Call/Live Listening to Phone Environment

Smartphone Spy app will allow you to make a Spy Call. It’s simple to listen to surroundings of the target phone.

On Demand Surround Recording

Smartphone Spy software will allow you to remotely record all conversations in proximity of the cell phone. Simply send a secret SMS and recording will automatically start. The complete recording will be uploaded secretly to your Stealth Club account.

Location History

Cell phone location details are updated automatically at a predefined interval. The cell phone location history may then be reviewd by logging on to your Stealth Club account.

On Demand Location Information

The On Demand The cell phone location feature is provided only by MobiStealth BlackBerry and Android spying software. You can find current location of the target cell phone by sending the secret SMS at any time. The current smartphone location will be reported immediately through SMS reply.

Alternate Location Retrieval Method

This GPS Tracking feature allows you to find position of nearest cell tower of your Android, Blackberry or iPhone, when GPS is off or not available because of cloud cover or person being inside a building.

Email Logging

Check out all the information of incoming and outgoing email messages. It’s simple to record all e mail communication.

Web History

Observe the web browsing history.


Check out all the saved bookmarks to any web-sites.

Picture Logging

MobiStealth spy software for Android, iPhone and Blacberry will upload every one of the pictures on phone to your stealth club account.

Video Logging

Any videos produced through the cell phone camera will be submitted to your stealth club account program. Videos more than 15MB are not uploaded.

Contact Details

See the details of all the contacts saved on the cell phone using MobiStealth cell spy software. This will let you find out information associated with masked contacts.

SMS Logging

SMS spy function of MobiStealth smart phone tracking application will enable you to see all incoming and outgoing SMS text messages sent and received from the smartphone. This contains full SMS contents. It will be possible to read everything even though it is deleted from the phone.

Blackberry Chat Messenger Logging

Blackberry Chat Messenger Logging enables the user to look at all the chat history of Blackberry Messenger.

SIM Change Notification (Only Applicable to GSM Phones)

The SIM Change Notification feature program. When SIM is changed, a notice with new number will be sent through SMS to a predetermined number. The notification number may be fixed any number of times through the MobiStealth website.

Encrypted Communication

All communication between the mobile phone and the MobiStealth web page is protected using industry standard encryption methods.

Phone Wipe

If you have vulnerable information on your mobile phone that and phone is stolen or lost and you prefer to guard your privacy you only need spying software as it allows you to wipe all data on phone through secret SMS.

[/toggle][toggle title="Support"]

MobiStealth Help Support

To aid researching and shopping solutions as simple as possible MobiStealth’s website is straightforward to browse through.

While MobiStealth has loads of on-line details, which include Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips, you cannot contact them on the phone or via live chat. Email is convenient, but the lack of phone or live chat assistance is less than ideal.

The knowledgebase in MobiStealth’s help section has lots of detailed and valuable FAQs and other info guides. The FAQs are particularly useful; they are embedded with links to other MobiStealth pages to direct you to where you need to go.

[/toggle][toggle title="Price Levels"]

MobiStealth Price Tag

Costs begin at just $49.99 and go up to $199.99 for their Pro-X product. Considering all the features and usefullness of their system, the pricing is very reasonable.

[/toggle][toggle title="SpyMobi Evaluation Summary "]

MobiStealth SpyMobi Examination Summary

It will track location, log web activity and help you spy on text messages, the most important features to have as you monitor your children, spouse or employees. The adding the option for Spy Call and Voice Recording makes it a superior spy tool.


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Flexispy Cellphone Monitoring and Tracking

Very good at stealth monitoring including Spy Call and Eavesdropping, but a bit pricey. But if you want the app to be completely hidden then Flexispy could be right for you.

[clear] [toggle title="Features & Phone Compatibility "]

FlexiSpy Functionality & Phone Compatibility


  • GPS Tracker
  • Intercept SMS
  • Intercept Email
  • Look at Call Communication Logs
  • See Contact List
  • Remote Control over Software Settings
  • Spy Call – Pick up Surroundings
  • Intercept Call – Phone Tap
  • On-line Account
  • Stealth Monitoring

FlexiSpy Phone Compatibility

FlexiSpy is designed to work withiPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Nokia/Symbian Please make sure to take into account the fact that not necessarily every feature is available for every type of smart phone operating-system, please see the Flexispy Spy Phone Software website for most recent particulars.

FlexiSpy View Logs

If you want to to go all-the-way with mobile monitoring – Flexispy is definitely the most effective option.

Flexispy is established as the benchmark as the self-styled ultimate cell phone spy application with lots of technical capabilities, and recommended Flexispy PRO and Flexispy PRO-X that have Spy Call for remote control of the smartphone microphone to listen to the environment and Call Intercept that includes cell phone tap and taps into mobile phone conversations. They recently changed some product names but they are basically the same.

[/toggle][toggle title="Help and Support"]

FlexiSpy Help Support

FlexiSpy provides pretty good ticket, email and live chat support. Their documentation is a work in progress.

[/toggle][toggle title="Price Tag"]

FlexiSpy Price Tag

Top-of-the-line , PRO-X will run you about $350, PRO will be $249, and their LIGHT version comes in at $149 for a 1 year subscription. They’ve recently changed these product names, but the prices are still the same.

[/toggle][toggle title="SpyMobi Recommendation Summary "]

FlexiSpy SpyMobi Evaluation Summary

FlexiSpy was an early pioneer of phone spying, and positions themselves as being super stealthy. Some technical tricks hides the application better than most others, but it sort of seems a bit trivial. As more suppliers have entered the market (Mobile Spy and MobiStealth), Flexispy should have responded with more features and lower pricing to stay competitive. They changed product names, but dodn’t really offer as much as their competitors. They offer good features and support, but their pricing (and silly website) knocks them off our recommendation list. Not recommended.

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WebWatcher Mobile Cell Phone Tracking and Monitoring

WebWatcher Mobile is a nice solution for the most basic of monitoring, but there are not enough features for enough phones [toggle title="Features & Compatibility "]

WebWatcher Mobile Functionality & Phone Compatibility


Android Spy

  • Intercept SMS Text Messages
  • Intercept Email
  • Inspect Call Activity Logs
  • Web Account
  • Deploys Using SMS
  • Stealth Monitoring

BlackBerry Spy

  • Capture SMS Text Messages
  • Capture Email
  • Review Call Communication Logs
  • Online Account
  • Installs Using SMS
  • Stealth Monitoring
  • Adds GeoLocation Tracking
  • Adds Call Log
  • Adds Photo Monitoring

WebWatcher Mobile Phone Compatibility

WebWatcher Mobile works withAndroid and BlackBerry. Please check out the WebWatcher Mobile website regarding most recent details and ordering information.

WebWatcher Mobile Reports

WebWatcher Mobile is from one of the leading computer monitoring software program suppliers; it loads through sending/accepting an Text message. Right now WebWatcher Mobile is only available for BlackBerry and Android, however, you should expect they’ll include the other major smartphones soon enough.

WebWatcher Mobile works with Android and BlackBerry, smart phone operating systems. Although it offers a modest range of features WebWatcher Mobile is still a strong ‘purpose-built’ program coming from a popular provider.

WebWatcher Mobile Location Tracking and Device Security

They have added GeoLocation to their BlackBerry offer, but regrettably WebWatcher Mobile falls behind on features in comparison to their competitors.

[/toggle][toggle title="Help and Support"]

WebWatcher Mobile Support

As part of the Awareness Technologies products group, the same people that deliver WebWatcher Computer Monitoring WebWatcher Mobile has good support.

[/toggle][toggle title="Purchase Price"]

WebWatcher Mobile Value Proposition

Annual subscription is $67.

[/toggle][toggle title="SpyMobi Analysis Summary "]

WebWatcher Mobile SpyMobi Evaluation Summary

Not enough features for not enough phones. Not recommended for Smartphone monitoring (however they are excellent for Windows Computer Monitoring).

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Note About Carrier Networks

Remember all features do not necessarily work with all