LapTop Cop Lost or Stolen Laptop Protection

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LapTop Cop Lost or Stolen Computer Protection

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If you are just like me, the data on your mobile computing device is actually potentially far more valuable compared to the computer itself. This is why I insist upon Laptop Cop on all of our personal and business computer systems.

  • Remotely obtain vital data files invisibly, utilizing any internet connection
  • Remotely delete records or the complete hard drive
  • Safeguard and ensure removal to the best Pentagon standard of unrecoverability
  • Geo-locate the stolen laptop, in real-time across any connection to the web, frequently with better reliability than GPS
  • Monitor and command anything a thief does, every keystroke they type and document they gain access to is going to be visable
  • Lock your laptop subsequent to disappearance so files may not be accessed

Lost Laptop Recovery Software

LapTop Cop is the ONLY total anti-theft remedy – offering all four of the important techniques needed to shield yourself as well as your laptop computer when it is ever lost or stolen.

Reclaim and Erase Files Remotely

The most important data files on your stolen notebook computer are frequently far more precious compared to laptop computer itself. With Laptop Cop, once your laptop is stolen, it is possible to remotely access your lost computer without the thief’s knowledge and clone any files or folders that you might want to recover from your laptop computer.

Locate the Computer

No matter where the lost computer is taken, after you have retrieved a copy of the crucial data files, you can send a remote delete command which will erase any or all of the records on the stolen computer.

When a laptop or computer is lost, you can trigger Laptop Cop to start recording all activity on that laptop or computer. You will see anything that the thief does, such as personal logins, email messages, instant messages, keystrokes, screenshots, etc. Additionally, Laptop Cop permits you to control the thief’s use of your computer. With one remote command you can make certain that the thief can’t access computer data or use your software programs – making the computer fully useless. This innovative tactic not merely halts the thief in their tracks, it also can make it easier and faster to recover your laptop than any other anti-theft system on the market. Guaranteed.

Why LapTop Cop is superior to Other Anti-Theft Products

Laptop Cop is the only total anti-theft method that covers every laptop or computer theft. It permits you to promptly start remotely retrieving and/or removing every computer files you wish from your lost laptop or computer the instant you realize it’s gone. Because it provides a full suite pc activity monitoring tools as well, you can see everything the thief does in almost real-time. You can also control access to every thing on your computer – making it worthless if preferred. And in many cases we are able to also get the computer back to you, frequently very quickly.

Merely locating an IP address where laptop computer was previously isn’t adequate. Numerous authorities agencies just will not likely do something to recover the laptop computer with only an IP address to go on. Laptop Cop commonly has the thief’s name, address, phone number and various other personal information. Law enforcement can also (with your authorization) log in and discover anything the crook is up to on your stolen laptop or computer. Involving police is only one of the options the Laptop Cop Recovery Team employs to recover your laptop computer but if they regard it needed, all the data that has been documented on the thief’s activities make it a snap to get them involved.

Getting back the physical laptop is actually just part of the answer. Laptop Cop’s power to provide you with remote control access to your files and hidden monitoring of the thief’s activities is the thing that sets us apart.

No other laptop recovery solution does that.

Laptop Cop is the quickest way to get your lost or stolen laptop or computer back. While other solutions demand you to involve law enforcement that are often too busy to aid with laptop recovery, the Laptop Cop recovery team can, in addition to cooperating with the police, take direct control of your computer and monitor all of the thief’s computer activity. The recovery team then takes this documented information, which often includes the thief’s full name, address, telephone number, etc., and tells the thief that they’re being watched. A permanent message is then displayed on the computer informing the thief that they must give back the lost computer in order to avoid criminal prosecution.

Just $49.95 for complete peace of mind.