Are You Looking to Work With a Private Detective?

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Standard Procedure Advocates Selecting a Private Eye, but is it Appropriate?

Need a Sherlock Holmes? The roster of popular fictional detectives is familiar to many fans of old movies, radio programs, and TV shows. Whenever the majority of people think about a private investigator; what often comes to mind is a disheveled little man sporting a wrinkled, khaki trench coat, along with worn out shoes, and in desperate need of a haircut. This kind of stereotype can’t be more wrong. Most of these successful qualified personnel work with modern technology and work in fashionable agencies. In fact you do not even need a Private Eye to discover the truth.

Although expert private investigators probably provide value, the cost is simply beyond the reach of the majority of people. It is possible to save a lot of money by doing it yourself and using the very same systems they choose.

“The private detective of fiction is a fantastic creation who acts and speaks like a real man. He can be completely realistic in every sense but one, that one sense being that in life as we know it such a man would not be a private detective.” – (Letter, April 19, 1951)” Raymond Chandler

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