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Whether it is simply just to get a basic idea of what is going on, or to deal with more serious issues, Tracking and Monitoring Programs, and particularly Spy Phone applications are an essential tool for parents and organizations. Tracking Applications used for Parent Supervision addresses a diverse range of issues for Parents, Managers and […]

It used to be that determining reliable position with GPS Global Positioning System technology mandated getting pricey and complicated hardware and software. Currently, comprehensive solutions are available through cellular service vendors and the hottest mobiles. The tracking and monitoring software on a handset often need to be enabled by the user. Based on the smartphone, […]

Discussion about Cell Phone Tracker Software – GPS Technology Details In order to adhere to Federal Communications Commission rules, cellular phone companies are required to be able to furnish authorities with cell phone latitude and longitude to an precision of 50 to 300 meters. Cell Tower Triangulation doesn’t always meet this condition. By way of […]

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