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The FBI report, A Parents Guide to Internet Safety, underscores the importance of monitoring and indicates that it can be performed unobtrusively. This pertains to both computers and smartphones. Parents are able to make use of will be able to understand the truth in regards to what people happen to be expressing on their mobile […]

Catch up with technology! Smartphone Spy Software down load right on to a ‘target’ smart phone by using the mobile phone online connection. And then ‘events’ or communication can be checked remotely from a secure online account. An interesting range of Smartphone Tracking & Monitoring programs now are offered with a wide variety of features […]

It used to be that getting reliable position with GPS Global Positioning System technology mandated obtaining pricey and complicated hardware and software. Currently, in depth solutions are available through cellular service suppliers and the newest cell phones. The tracking and monitoring software on a cell phone commonly need to be permitted by the user. Based […]

Essentially, Smartphone Spy software is installed on a targeted Smartphone compatible phone or computer then through an internet based account monitored activity is accessed. An interesting selection of Mobile phone Spy solutions are now offered along with range of features and options. As you might however, they are not all created equal. Established suggestions connected […]

While on-line computer exploration opens a world of possibilities for kids, extending their horizons and introducing them to diverse cultures and ways of life, they could be exposed to potential risks as they delve into the information highway. There are people that make an attempt to sexually exploit children by using on-line services and the […]

The average teenager sends an average in excess of 100 SMS text messages each day. A disturbing 20% of teenagers state they have sent or posted nude or seminude ‘zexting’ images, potentially an illegal zex crime. 80% of all auto crashes in the US involve distracted drivers, taking the lives of thousands of teenagers annually. […]

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