Parenting Control Software and Why You Need to Know How To Spy A Phone

Tuesday , 7, January 2014 Comments Off on Parenting Control Software and Why You Need to Know How To Spy A Phone

The normal American teen sends an average of around a hundred SMS texts every single day. An astounding 20 % of teenagers state they have sent or posted nude or seminude ‘zexting’ images, potentially a serious zex crime. 80% of all automotive accidents in the US involve distracted motorists, destroying the lives of thousands of teenagers annually.
 Smartphone Parental Monitoring
New Phone Monitoring and Tracking Software Tools that capture and store incoming and outgoing SMS text messages, MMS multi-media messages, Website Visit History, track mobile phone GPS location, cell phone event log data and deliver it to a web personal account.
Smartphones are the mobile phones with computer-like capabilities. Trade names such as BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, Nokia Symbian ? all have spyphone software available. Spy Call and Call Intercept mobile phone bugging require GSM networks. Millions of smartphones a month are sold in the US and Canada, and they?re reaching almost one hundred and fifty million sold per year worldwide.
As sending text messages from cellular phones has become a centerpiece in youth social life, parents, educators and advocates have grown increasingly worried about the role of cell phones in the sexual lives of young people. A recent research study from the Pew Research Center?s Internet & American Life Project ( concluded that 4% of cell-owning teens between the ages of twelve and seventeen say they have sent zexually suggestive nude or nearly nude images or videos of themselves to someone else via text messaging. This practice is typically known as ?zexting? in today?s vernacular. Additionally, 15% say they have received such images of someone they already know via text message .
According to research from marketing research firm The Nielsen Company ( American teenagers send an inconceivable average of ten text messages every hour that they are not in school or sleeping ? and probably a lot during school too. Teenagers were interviewed and gave Amanda Lenhart, Senior Research Specialist and author of the report a variety of reasons behind the impulse to get involved with zexting. These included the researcher?s interpretation that ??zexually suggestive images had become a form of relationship currency,?; that zexting images ?? are shared as a part of or instead of zexual activity,? and that SMS text message zexting is a way of establishing a relationship. Sensitive images are also passed along to other people ?? for their entertainment value, as a joke, or for fun.?