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If you believe your spouse of cheating then you need to lookout for the indications of unfaithful indications Flat out accusing your significant other or other half of cheating on you is often going to make them either resent you, or conceal it their affair better. This pattern of results suggests that cheating on one […]

Over Fifty-three percent of marriages in America end in divorce Just think about it for a minute. If your spouse was genuinely innocent, why would they require their close friend or coworker to “cover” for them, and try and verify it? Likewise, if your spouse was genuinely innocent, why would they even go with all […]

Percentage of marriages that end in divorce in America: Fifty-three percent Love is a wonderful sensation. However when your heart breaks since your partner has cheated on you then it is among the worst experiences that a person can ever experience. Whether your partner is keeping up your faith or not is something that is […]

The advancement in mobile phone monitoring has undergone a massive transformation in technology with a assorted range of features. Using the internet potential of cell phones, collected events and GPS location can be easily uploaded to a web account. Smartphone Tracking and Monitoring Software Applications is able to capture SMS text messages, cell phone GPS […]

Legal experts, law enforcement officials (including the FBI) and children advocates agree… You ARE RESPONSIBLE to figure out exactly what your kids and/or member of staff is engaging in. What are they sending and receiving? Who could they be connecting with? Where were they? What exactly are they taking a look at? You need to […]

Anybody wanting to keep in advance of technology for Investigating Infidelity should be interested in the latest spyphone software applications that leverage the power of the internet to record and archive SMS text messages, trace cell phone GPS location, incoming and outgoing mobile phone call log data and transmit it to a web secure website. […]

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