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Important Product Update

FlexiSPY is the first monitoring software that supports iOS 8.4 and all the newest iPhone 6/6+ devices

iOS 8 now runs on 84% of all Apple devices. FlexiSPY is the first to support the newest Apple devices: anything that runs iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4 (and all the iOS prior to these). FlexiSPY is the only one in the market to run on ALL iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ devices.

White Gloves: FlexiSPY now offers an easy remote installation service to our customers

Customers can book a remote session with an experienced technician, who will root/jailbreak their mobile device and install FlexiSPY for them. This optional service costs only $39.99.

Full-Featured Mobile Monitoring

Flexispy Premium

Listen to Conversations

Flexispy Extreme

Technology for Phone Spy, Tablet and Computer Monitoring and Tracking Information

Cell Phone Spy Reviews, and How To Use a Mobile Tracker, and or How To Spy On Cell Phone

Monitoring and Tracking Apps Criteria

Concerned about how they are using their phone? Just what does your child or worker do on their smartphone? Have you been nervous they are abusing their telephone privileges? Spy Phone systems permits you to track activities and filter out those you have a problem with. You may even create a schedule for authorized use.

Supervision by families and companies is entirely lawful, however before acquiring Stealth applications (optional with some products), make sure that you keep in mind the law involving privacy where you live.

Tracking and Monitoring Technology is a Solution to Quite a Few Problems

Phone Spy systems can minimize concerns like:

Cheating and Lying, Distracted Driving, Cyber Bullying, Web Predators, Data Protection and Security, Sexting, Misuse, Tracking Location, Insider Threats, Employee Productivity, Cheating and Lying, and High risk Conduct such as Substance Abuse, Gambling, unchaperoned partying, Hanging Out with the Wrong Crowd… Criminal Activity….

SpyPhone solutions frequently helps watch over your kids or employees to determine that they are trustworthy and are okay. Rather than speculating about the unknown, you can be proactive and keep a watchful eye on them. Nobody wants to learn that there is something serious, but it’s nice to know that with spyphone solutions, you can determine possible hazards and take care of them before it’s too late.

Only some SpyPhone Technology are Secretive Anymore

Many programmers have been forced to change their software so that it is no longer kept secret from the smartphone or device user as a way to follow restrictions regarding privacy.

mSpy, FlexiSpy and MobiStealth still retain Covert Features (Mobile Spy is no longer hidden, but only Flexispy still offers Call Intercept & Spy Call.

At times arriving at the truth is more relevant than laws and regulations about privacy. Supposing you’re located in a territory that doesn’t prohibit use, and you’re browsing for unseen spying functionality, we’d propose Flexispy, mSpy or Mobistealth.

Because they keep corporate offices and web servers outside the jurisdiction of authorities, of the most popular and trusted brands of phone spy spy apps only Flexispy is still offering programs for Tap A Cell Phone and Remote Microphone Control.

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