How to: Find Out Someone Is Cheating

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You Won’t Need to Hire a Private Investigator

Investigative Technology Outline

The best solution to successfully find out the truth and How To Catch Cheaters is to spy on them. To put it differently to read what is included in communications, track where people travel to, and determine internet activity. Take note that cellular phones such as iPhones, BlackBerrys and various brands using the Android operating system are in reality portable computing devices with online connections, so they should also be put under surveillance. So along with Laptop Or Computer and Online Surveillance Software Packages you should look into Cell phone Tracking and Monitoring Apps. Subsequent to communications, location and internet activity surveillance, you might need to go forward with other research into exactly who owns cellphone and email accounts by using Internet Based Reverse Phone Numbers Investigation and Reverse Email Lookup. Related to this are Internet Background Check Investigation of people including public, criminal and police record queries and/or asset and property record searches. To obtain total surveillance and safety using Security Cameras and Equipment is another option.

Cheating Signs

There are many decent providers of spy products available. Actually it can be a little bit confusing finding the right one for your requirements. Generally to get started you need to decide the type of target device you intend to keep an eye on, especially the operating system or (OS), and then consider the capabilities you want to include. Is it a smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop or networked computer? Is the operating system Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPad, Android Tablet, or a Smartphone iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile. Do you intend to just block the user from particular websites, or would you like to record and review all their activity? Do you care whether or not they realize they’re being watched?

To Catch a Cheating Lover: Probably the most prevalent reason why someone decides to buy mobile phone spyphone software programs, is to catch a cheating spouse. Due to the secretive nature of unfaithfulness, exact figures regarding fooling around and affairs affairs are extremely difficult to determine. However, below are probably the most supported facts about infidelity. The following data come from several reference sources, take a look at our reference page for details.

The vendors we suggest cover most of the devices and operating systems used by the majority of people. The suppliers are reliable and their products work. While usually things work as offered, do keep in mind these are solutions offered for the most complicated of jobs for devices that are changing constantly so problems are prone to come up. The products we recommend have decent customer support .

Computer Monitoring Technology from Qualified Suppliers

Keyloggers and Content Filtering

SniperSpyRemote Computer Monitoring; sets up remotely through e-mail, loaded with capabilities including real-time and archived activity capture. For Windows PC and Apple Mac.

AceSpy Monitors activity and blocks applications and websites.

WebWatcherRemote Computer Monitoring; numerous capabilities, very popular. For Windows PC

Safe Eyes loaded with features for Web Filtering and Blocking for Windows & Mac

LapTop Cop Lost or Stolen Computer protection; tracks computer location as well as recording user activity and can backup files. For Windows PC

MobiStealth Software also offers a feature rich computer spy package for Windows PC.

For Tablets and iPad

Mobile Spy Phone Software also supplies a package for the Apple iPad and Tablet PC’s, Peek Tab.

MobiStealth also offers a feature rich computer spy package for Windows.

Phone Number Reverse Search and Email Reverse Lookup Packages from Approved Vendors

Background Checks Options from Pre-screened Suppliers

Spy Cameras and Gear Packages from Pre-screened Companies

Cheating Statistics

Marriage Affair Statistics Data
The average number of marital relationships in which either spouse say that to infidelity, either physical or emotional 41 %
Average percent of grownup men who acknowledged to being unfaithful in any relationship they’ve had 57 Percent
Calculated number of women who admitted to being unfaithful in any type of relationship they’ve had Fifty-four %
Approximated percentage of married males who have strayed one or more times during their married lives 22 %
Projected amount of married women who have cheated one or more times throughout their married lives Fourteen %
The average number of males and women who acknowledged to having an affair with a co-worker Thirty-six %
Average number of adult men and women who admitted to committing adultery business trips 35Percent
Projected amount of males and women who admit to infidelity with a brother-in-law or sister-in-law 17 %
Average length of an affair 2 years
Average percentage of marriages that last after an affair has been admitted to or discovered 31 %
Approximated percentage of adult men who acknowledge they’d be unfaithful if they believed they would never get busted Seventy four %
Estimated percentage of women who confess they might have an affair if they believed they would never get busted 68 Percent
The average percentage of offspring who are the product of infidelity 3 %
Statistic Verification
Source: Associated Press, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

Around 30 to 60% of all married people (in the US) will participate in cheating at some point during their marriage. In many cases, cheating never gets revealed.

Research consistently shows that 2 to 3% of all children are the product of infidelity. And most of these children are unknowingly raised by men who are not their biological fathers. DNA testing is finally making it easy for people to check the paternity of their children (see, paternity issues).

Percentage of marriages that end in divorce in America: Fifty-three percent