Employee Monitoring and Tracking Software, Products and Services Comparison Guide

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Workforce Tracking and Monitoring Technology, Products and Services Reference Guide

Before Making Your Selection Read This Smartphone Apps Reference Guide

Employee Monitoring obligations goes past productivity and policy compliance, protecting against insider threats along with other improper use is vital. Cyber Bullies and Sexual Harassment continue to be really serious problems for corporations.

Employee Monitoring: Employers need smartphone spyphone software programs to respond to Productivity, Insider Threats, eDiscovery, Training and other reasons.

If you are a business and want to enforce company policies on company owned cellular phones or need to observe actual destinations of your personnel then Employee Monitoring apps may be for you.

  • Insider Threats
  • Information Assets
  • Staff Turnover
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • <liData Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Data Retention & eDiscovery
  • Corporate Policy Enforcement
  • Mobile Worker Training & Productivity
  • Sexual Harassment, Bullying, Fraud and Misrepresentation Lawsuits
  • The Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA)
  • 8 million cell phones were lost or stolen in the US in 2007
  • email and other message apps store as much as 75% of a business’s intellectual property.
  • eDiscovery and Data Retention – you might need to keep better records of communications
  • Managing the Mobile Workforce demands New Policy and New Technology
  • Under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) US law permits employers to monitor employee communication.
  • Organizations are accountable for what employees communicate. Do you know what they are saying? or writing?
  • Fifteen% of companies have been subject to lawsuits over what personnel said in e-mail or Text
  • Are all communications backed-up and accessible?
  • Twenty-threepercent of business was impacted by the exposure of sensitive or embarrassing information
  • 44% of enterprises had e-mail-based leak of confidential information
  • The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) recommends having behavioral and technical monitoring in place to deal with insider threats including cyber crime, harassment, and espionage.
  • 34% of surveyed companies had employee e-mail subpoenaed by courts and regulators – would you be able to respond to a court order?

Workforce Spy Technology

The vendors we recommend include most of the devices and operating systems used by most people. The companies are reliable and their solutions work. While most of the time things work as offered, remember these are solutions offered for the most challenging of tasks for products that are changing constantly so issues are prone to arise. The products we endorse have reasonable customer support .

Suggested Phone Spy Products from Experienced Suppliers

  • Approved for tracking and monitoring and web activity logging; plus parental controls is PhoneSheriff.
  • Endorsed for monitoring, tracking, web activity and voice recording & eavesdropping is MobiStealth.
  • Approved for tracking and monitoring and web activity logging; and also remarkable for value bonus of using single license on multiple phones – ideal for families and small business is Mobile Spy.
  • For Live Call Intercept capabilities is FlexiSpy .

Appropriate Computer Monitoring Products from Pre-screened Suppliers

Keyloggers and Internet Filter

SniperSpyRemote Computer Monitoring; installs remotely through email, packed with functions including real-time and archived activity capture. For Windows PC and Apple Mac.

AceSpy Monitors activity and blocks applications and websites.

WebWatcherRemote Computer Monitoring; loaded with features, extremely popular. For Windows PC

Safe Eyes loaded with features for Parental Control for Windows & Mac

LapTop Cop Lost Computer protection; tracks device location as well as capturing user activity and can retrieve files. For Windows PC

MobiStealth Spy Software also offers a full-featured computer spy package for Windows PC.

For Tablets and iPad

Mobile Spy also supplies a solution for the Apple iPad and Tablet PC’s, Peek Tab.

MobiStealth Spy Software also offers a full-featured computer spy package for Windows.

Cell Phone Reverse Lookup and Email Reverse Lookup Products from Established Companies

Proposed Background Check Products from Pre-Qualified Vendors

Proposed Security Cameras and Equipment Options from Preferred Suppliers